Are you someone who follows the kitchen shows or cooking shows closely? Then you will see these particular knives that are used for everything within a kitchen. Be it dicing, or rock-chopping, this one knife seems to be everywhere. Seeing its use, you also now want one in your kitchen.

It could be to decorate the space, or because you are interested in professional kitchen skills. These knives are the Japanese version of the western chop knife. They are called either Japanese chef’s knives or gyuto knife. How do you buy a good knife for your needs?

Size Of The Entire Knife Is Important

These knives are not of one size alone. They can range from 130 mm to 330 mm. And it is not like you can pick up any knife of any size. Each person has different needs and depending on this need, you will have to pick up the right knife. The standard size of these Japanese chef’s knives is 240 mm.

Most of the chef’s, restaurant or not, have this size itself. But if you are looking for a particular size for a particular need, then it is better to go for that. In general, the knives used for meats are longer than the ones used for veggies.

gyuto knife

Material Of The Handle Has To Be Accounted

The handle material is not something that is considered of importance. But contrary to this, not just for a knife, rather any knife, it is important to look at the material of the handle. The blade can only be made of one material, steel. But the handle has different materials and this has to be chosen based on comfort.

The material has to be comfortable to hold. The handle style also depends on these materials. Depending on the comfort of the grip you have, you have to choose the knife. Apart from a comfortable grip, it is also important to know that the handle is what determines the balance of the blade and the knife.

Finishes OfGyuto Knives

Most of them think that the finishes of knives are only for show. It is only used to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. But this is not true in the case of a gyuto knife. When we come to this knife, the kind of finish is what defines the kind of cutting it provides. There are five different types of finishes.

The difference between these finishes is dependent on the polish and sharpness of the knife edge. Depending on your need, you can go for a Kurouchi or Migaki. Migaki is the extreme of being polishes while Kurouchi is the extreme point of rustic.