Food is not just a way to a man’s heart but also every being’s. There are a variety of edibles for survival, out of which fish is one of the loved meat. Many fisheries partner with a reliable delivery system such as fresh fish delivery singapore. These systems resolve to ensure that customers consume only healthy and nutritious food. Today, we will share the step-by-step process in brief to fill your curiosity.

The harvest action of fish is the starting point in the procedure. The next steps include gutting, filleting and packaging of seafood;As food is a perishable good, it is essential to handle it with care from the moment of catching the aquatic beings until safe packaging to protect from decay and ensure high quality good.

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Basic fish processing involves the below steps

  • Fish sorting; by size and species
  • Removal of heads
  • Removal of tails, scales and entrails by a cleaning machine
  • Deletion of fins
  • Thorough wash

Few companies use manual methods while the rest implement machines in the procedure. The choice of equipment is based on the size of the plant.

The manual method employs workers who are skilful in handling the fish with the help of knives.

An automated system includes machines for the production oflarge quantities of fish.

Points considered before the end product reaches the consumer

  • Suitable temperatures are used to avoid decomposition of the deceased; 32 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be an ideal temperature.
  • Salting along with drying and smoking is part of the traditional preservation method.Preservation requires reducing the water content tomake the food appropriate for consumption.
  • Prevention of oxidation reactions is essential to slow spoilage through vacuum packaging.
  • Bacteria have to be killed through heating or increasing acidity to avoid fast decomposition.

The waste material that usually comprises bones, heads, internal organs and skin is converted into fertilizer, animal feed, fish oil and other valued products. This conversion into valuable items is done through waste treatment practices.

The final stages of the process involve packaging, labelling and distributionof the fish.


Seafood comprises minerals and nutrients which is why a large portion human population consume aquatic fauna for deriving the benefits. Safe and trustworthyorganizations like fresh fish delivery Singaporehave entered the niche to cater for the clientele health needs with health standard practices.Now that you have read about the safety standards and practices, grab your phone and place an order as per your choice.