There are various key trends in bridal wedding rings almost all the seasons. The first is for vintage-inspired wedding rings, which go hand in hand with the growing trend of vintage wedding dresses and gowns. The features of vintage wedding rings comprise old European round centre cuts, or carvings like Oscar cut stones, micro set diamonds and minimal scroll-like engravings on the rings. The second key trend is for yellow or pink diamonds and coloured stones like pink or blue sapphires. Perhaps you want to choose your favourite colour or your birthstone as an alternative to the traditional themed white diamonds on gold bands. For those who are choosing white diamonds, pave diamonds are currently in trend. Stacked rings are an ultimate fashion statement big in the wedding ring and jewellery industry. These can be eternal style rings or ordinary metal bands with stones all around. Either way, decorating two or three rings together to achieve a stylish and contemporary look, that can be worn without or with an engagement ring.

Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Engagement rings direct has with a colourful centre gemstone are a very popular option. They are extremely capable of giving you a ‘big show’ for less money than diamonds and help you ‘stand out from the crowd’. But how do you choose the perfect gemstone that fits best for an engagement ring?

First and foremost, ensure that you are content with the shade of the stone irrespective of whether the shade you like is a popular colour, colour, being solely a matter of personal taste and preference. Ideal coloured gemstones must perform well for everyday wear, which means it will not be too brittle or cannot be easily scratched. Above all, a colourful solitaire gemstone ring  should look bright, vibrant and well cut. Search for a consistent and intense colour. The stone must not have any banding or patching unless it is a characteristic of the stone, e.g., Watermelon Tourmalines or party-coloured sapphires. Clarity is also an important criterion that the stone should not be flawed or simply trivial. Strong defects will not only cause it to look unpleasant, but they will also jeopardize the strength and durability of the stone.  Also think of cabochon gems, which are coloured gems with a buffed top. Cabochon’s engagement rings were popular throughout all the seasons for many years all around the world in a variety of styles. These can be set in either very sophisticated and contemporary rings or in a vintage cluster ring. One will only be surprised!

The focal point is the gemstone engagement rings highlighting sapphires or other colourful gems are both beautiful and stylish. Although diamond rings were the most common choice for engagement rings for most of the last century, coloured gemstone rings have always been a devoted candidate and are becoming increasingly popular. Beautiful gemstone engagement rings with rich colours and a spontaneous yet timeless appeal is winning the hearts of almost every bride-to-be throughout.