what comes first at your mind when you are thinking about the largest internet hub in the world?

New York? London? Someone may say India or China because of their huge population. Maybe you can think about Tokyo because of its incredibility in technology.

Well, all at are wrong. It is your very own Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is referred to be “the centre of the internet”.

Let’s see, what makes the country the best of the best place for a dedicated server Netherlands as well as in the world.

·         Size Does Matter

Everyone in the fast pace world is looking for the smartest as well as the fastest technology to get. However, making it happen is not magic. It takes something more than a cache plugin or powerful server.

The decentralized internet is partially true. While you are dealing with a business website, you must follow some rules and strategies to get from A to B at a particular time. Therefore, the side of the server (as well as the speed) is required. And it has been certified by the reliable organisations that the best companies for the dedicated server for hosting the business websites are situated in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

dedicated server Netherlands

·         High-Speed Connection

Most of the top-notch companies in Amsterdam can connect using more than 802.3as standard Ethernet connections. Using 1, 1o, or 100 Gbit/sec Ethernet connections, you can get highspeed connectivity while choosing a dedicated server in Netherlands for your business (including e-commerce) websites.

·         Cost Effective

A huge amount of money can drain for the power consumption which may turn drive up costs for the customers. It may take to the worst by causing hosts to cut corners. It has been proven that power utility in the Netherlands is less than any other countries in Europe.

·         No Data Surveillance

Each country has its own rules and regulation on data security and privacy. Some countries are there where certain types of contents or applications go against the laws of the country. But, getting a dedicated server in Netherlands you can feel safe as servers here are out of the jurisdiction of organisations like other countries. The Dutch laws apply. However, the authority does not spy on you.

Let’s review the dedicated servers in the top companies in the Netherlands.

Every standard organisation in Amsterdam will give you 98 new connection. When you are with one of the top class Netherlands companies for web server and web hosting you will get more than 800 connected networks. 5TBPS peak international traffic can get with the help of the best-dedicated server here.