Storage of corrosive substances, either liquid or solid, is an orderly process. If the corrosive materials are not handled properly and to proper specifications, they lead to several risks, including death. So they should be stored at the almacenamiento de sustancias corrosivas.

If the warehouse is ineffectively built, it may lead to fire, explosions, leaks, and other problems. This may also be caused by the fact that the person appointed for handling and storage is not properly trained.

What are the essentials for selecting a warehouse storing corrosive substances?

  1. OSHA agreement
  2. Building a compliant warehouse
  3. Completely trained labor
  4. Government audit
  5. Visibility
  1. OSHA agreement

Effective storage of chemical substances is the basic requirement for warehouse safety. This was the first rule in the Occupational Health and Safety Administration agreement. They also have some other key features that are required for a warehouse to be safe. They set a limit for chemical and corrosive materials that are exposed in the workplace, not more than the limit for the work place and employees’ safety.

The information about the chemical is regularly communicated by a safety data sheet of the chemical product. These should be clearly communicated to the workers and the manufacturer.

Why proper chemical storage is important for your business & environment

  1. Building a compliant warehouse

The almacenamiento de sustancias corrosivas is strictly separate from the other storage areas. The storage area must meet some minimum requirements mentioned below.

  • Natural or mechanical ventilation is
  • The entrance has a concrete floor.
  • Sprayer system that operates automatically
  • fireproof door
  • A concrete barrier of 12 inches at the border
  1. Completely trained labor

The person who works in a corrosive substance storage area must be educated about the risk and handling terms and must be certified by state or national regulations. because handling and transporting the dangerous chemical substance is a risky job. We need to ensure safety measures with regular time intervals and label the corrosive substance. So, the worker can find any damage or leakage in the storage area and take preventive measures to minimize the damage and prevent being injured.

  1. Government audit

Usually, government agencies conduct audits of random storage areas to check the hazmat records kept by the warehouse. The warehouse must maintain the proper receiving, stock, and shipment details. They also maintain the tanning record given to the worker in charge of the storage area.

  1. Visibility

For safe storage, the corrosive substances are stored in a visible location all the time. So, the worker monitors the corrosive substance 24*7 and takes preventive measures immediately if required.