Every child is born talented and unique in himself. Two children born to the same parents also have differences that make them stand out. Young developing minds require special attention and care to ensure they are nurtured well. A flourishing mind needs constant guidance and support. Therefore, we at the bilingual preschool believe that each child demands attention and affection in its growing years. In our preschool, we have kept a low teacher-to-child ratio of 1:5 to ensure every student gets the time he deserves.

Why is being bilingual an advantage?

We are a bilingual preschool, and teaching children in both English and Chinese allows our young toddlers to develop the ethos and discipline from both cultures. It not only broadens their mind but also instills in them the concept of fraternity, secularism, and unity. Our children are taught in both languages and develop fluency in reading, writing, and speaking with time.

The haven for children

Every learning is fruitful only when taught in a safe and comfortable environment. Our school is well equipped with playgrounds, music rooms, indoor games, and complete safety protocols to ensure security while children are at play. We have maintained our classroom interiors according to the age of the children. Every room is equipped with manipulative toys that help develop sensory and motor skills in a fun and interactive manner. Our teachers train the students to understand and develop preschool concepts of art, literature, mathematics, and science.

bilingual preschool

Our believes

Over the years, we have aimed to develop into the city’s best preschool services. Being situated amid a market, our school is an idle place for parents at work. It isn’t easy to look after a child, and it isn’t accessible if you don’t know how to do it. With every service offered, we have aimed to give our utmost care, concern, and love to your toddlers so that he never feels away from home. Our teachers are well-trained professionals who have been relieving their services over the years with perfection. We ensure that our child lives comfortably, is heard, and is understood well while you are away.

The well-structured curriculum

Our after-school services have been designed scientifically, keeping in mind what is good and bad for your child. Concepts are reinforced in students at the learning center using music, toys, rhymes, songs, sessions, field trips, and many interactive sessions. Our learning environment is planned skilfully to ensure your child’s safety, security, and fun. It ensures to spark young minds with new ideas and inventions.