Academics has evolved drastically over the years, with having undergone many significant changes. These changes in academics vary from region to region. Education is practised differently in different countries. Although kindergarten and primary schooling remain almost standard, secondary and senior years of studies is the main sector that undergoes dramatic changes. In some countries, the senior year is referred to as high school, while a few countries refer to it as a junior college and so many more. A detailed input on do you need a jc math tuition?

The need for maths tuition in junior college:

The main reason why many students tend to opt for tuition in high school or junior college can be attributed to the fact that they are made to suddenly transition from a phase of comfort to a plethora of subjects. Wherein they are exposed to the subjects in their deeper sense, hence making the fundamentals of both phases entirely different. The case can be very significant in the case of mathematics as it is quite the ride of a rollercoaster, as math is the only subject which drifts tangentially from what it was until the secondary years. To understand it better, firstly a brief introduction to the details of what actually the secondary mathematics comprises will be ideal.

jc math tuition

Secondary years mathematics:

It comprises the mathematics that’s covered in the middle school years. Until then students’ learning is only confined to two types of maths that are elementary math and additional math as they proceed to upper secondary. While elementary math can be described as a curriculum designed to teach fundamental skills and impart knowledge of mathematics that form the crucial parts of living such as percentages, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Whereas, in the other type that is, the additional math – a math, students are trained to have a better hold of the subject by imparting a higher level of thinking and integration by teaching advanced concepts in algebra as well as the skills and concepts required to pursue further higher studies.

Junior college mathematics:

Junior college math – h2 math demands the student to be more dynamic in dealing with multiple questions and problems simultaneously than compared to the elementary and advanced math.

Thereby the need to hire tutors for tuitions arises. It aids the students in alignment of the thoughts and thinking process in the line with that of the level of junior college mathematics.


The tutors specialised in junior college mathematics will aid in focusing on the concepts and skills that are fundamentals of junior college mathematics.