What is Spotify? 

Spotify is a unique way to listen to music online. The service broadcasts music from many independent and important labels and currently has about 10 million registered users. Users can search for music directly or view a label, genre, album, artist or playlist, which makes the process simple and flexible. Spotify is currently available in the desktop version, as well as in the browser and on mobile devices. In the desktop client, Windows users can use the link to purchase music directly from retailers.

Perhaps the best part of Spotify is the ability to use the service for free with an account that includes ads and ads similar to the one on the radio. Customers can switch to a paid subscription at any time, which includes additional features such as offline song access, a higher bit rate and no ads. Currently, the free version of Spotify is available only on a computer with mobile devices that require a paid subscription to use.

Spotify plays

How does Spotify work

Currently, the service offers about 15 million songs and allows users to search by artist, brand, genre and more. Although some artists have decided not to participate in Spotify, the proposed directory is still very large. Users have the ability to create playlists of their favorite songs that can be shared with others or edited with other users. Along with the search features, Spotify also offers a radio feature that is available for all types of accounts. The radio creates a random playlist based on decades of music or genres specified by the user. Although Spotify is similar to Pandora, it allows users to skip an unlimited number of tracks. Spotify also has excellent social networking integration, which allows users to integrate their Facebook and Twitter accounts with Spotify to share music with friends.

Account Characteristics

Three different Spotify accounts are currently available. The free version of the game includes advertising, but allows unlimited listening time for the first six months. After this period, each month is allowed 10 hours. There are no special features for this account. The next account is Spotify Unlimited, which costs $ 4.99 per month. This account removes ads and provides unlimited audition for the entire subscription, although no special features are offered. A premium account, on the other hand, offers all these feature as well as additional features. The Spotify Premium account allows the user to access music offline, use a higher bit rate for better quality, and access the Spotify application on mobile devices.

Spotify Requirements

Currently, Spotify plays works with all major operating systems, including: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS for iPod and iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and many others. The software is available in French, Spanish and English. Although anyone with one of these operating systems can use the free version of Spotify, subscriptions are available only to people who have a Paypal account in certain countries or a credit or debit card.