Contraceptive methods help avoid conception whether you’ve experienced unsafe intercourse or believe the hormonal contraception technique has broken.

If people find relief (also known as the day tablet) as quickly as practicable, it will function optimally. For long-term hormonal contraception, EC isn’t a viable method. Consult the¬†doctor about the best contraception alternatives for oneself.

What is the definition of emergency contraception?

The emergency contraceptive pills, Singapore-Based method is a type of contraceptive that can then be used to avoid getting pregnant following sexual activity. These might be used between 5 days that followed the action of fornication, but the earlier they are often used, the better.

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Action method

Emergency contraceptives affect fertility by postponing or inhibiting menstruation, but they often do not cause abortion. By creating a chemical alteration in spermatozoon until they interact, the metal IUD inhibits conception. An existing gestation or a growing embryo can instead be harmed by mifepristone.

Who is eligible for emergency contraception?

To avert an unintended pregnancy, any female of sexual maturity might require contraceptive pills. The use of mifepristone has no definite clinical limitations. The use of mifepristone has no age restrictions. The same qualifying conditions that pertain to normal usage of metal IUDs extend to urgent usage of metal IUDs.

Does Mifepristone Have Any Adverse Effects?

  • Breast pain
  • Sickness
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Spotting

While taking ECPs, a female’s time bleeding may become erratic for a while.

Are contraceptive methods (EC) efficient?

If used before 3 days following unsafe sex, EC tablets are roughly 89 performance parameters. They may be taken up to 5 days following sex, but the earlier people consume these, the further powerful they are. There are no 100percentage points of successful EC technique for preventing unwanted pregnancies.

When should I consult a physician?

Several methods of contraceptives are widely available. However, if you’ve had sexual intercourse, it’s a smart option to consult with a doctor. The service provider might assist you by:

  • If anyone wants to use EC tablets or a metal IUD, you’ll need a permit.
  • Determine which method of hormonal contraception is appropriate for you. (What kind of EC they performed will influence the contraceptive that could use straight away.)
  • If you suspect you’ve been infected with an STI, get therapy.

What variables might have an impact on the efficacy of contraceptives (EC) meds?

Under (OTC) medicines will be less helpful if you are overweight. Ask your healthcare provider about getting medication or a metal IUD. Use any OTC or emergency contraceptive pills singapore Based drugs if they can’t obtain among the most successful techniques within 5 days following contact.