There are many compounds used by the scientist for the research purposes only, and one of them is wisepowder Anandamide (AEA). AEA is derived from the non-oxidative metabolism pathway, which is tested to improve the mind’s creativity. It is also beneficial in other ways like:

  • It begins with the preformed ideas of the mind and uses them to form unique creative ideas. Various studies suggest that it only works the already formed memories and enhances the cognitive behavior of an individual. But this compound has not been tested on healthy individuals, and once it would be tested we can be sure about it;
  • Many neuroscientists believe that this compound can help individuals suffering from memory loss as it can stimulate the neurogenesis in the brain;
  • Beyond all of this, it can improve the mood swings of an individual, and in a way, it can control it.

Memory loss issue could be resolved with this

This compound has been synthesized via enzymes in the brain area, which holds the memory of a person. After frequent research, scientists suggest that it is responsible for forming and deforming the different nerve cells connections. This is the part of the whole learning and memory process of the brain. But when it was used too much on animals, it resulted in a lapse of memory. This means that if this compound is used in a limited amount, it could help with the memory loss issues.

AEA can enhance certain capabilities

Moreover, further research was done on black pepper. It was found that it consists of alkaloid guineesine, which is nothing but an AEA reuptake inhibitor, which can enhance the compound’s effects on our body physiologically. When the study was analyzed on a female with a specific mutation, where mutation caused an increased level of AEA compound, it showed that the female was immune to any kind of fear and had a strong healing capacity compared to other people. In addition to that, the compound like wisepowder Lithium Orotate in powder form acts as a cannabinoid neurotransmitter for the brain, and by consuming it, our brain can form AEA without even taking the food which contains AEA. It has been confirmed that this compound has already present in the brain of mammalians.

Besides, there are so many research products like wisepowder Anandamide (AEA) out there, and many people would think that what makes this compound so special to study about it. Those who have a curious mind would want to figure out the potential advantages of this compound, but those who are not even thinking about after reading its benefits may find it hard to study it. More advanced research in this field will only lead to a curable path for people suffering from memory and creativity loss. It might be a real solution to those people’s never-ending problems.