This is the most common question that comes to a person’s mind when they think about buying a retractable awning. Even though both the variants have their share of benefits and issues, it is essential to consider which one would suit your needs before you invest in them.

Manual patio awnings come with a crank which helps to open them. They are made keeping in mind the modern designs, and unlike the older ones, you would not need to give a lot of strength to open them.

A motorised retractable awning, on the other hand, runs on electricity. The motor helps to retract it and some of them can also retract themselves in case the speed of the wind goes above a certain level or at the time of rain. They can easily be controlled with the click of a button by installing a dedicated app on your smartphone.

Now let us try to find which type of patio awnings would be ideal for you, considering different features.

Ease Of Usage 

Manual: Even though it needs manual power for operating, you would not need a lot of strength to open or close it. They come with easy installation, and operation, and do not add up to your electricity bills.

Motorised: It saves your time and effort. You would just need to press a button, and all the operations would be done automatically.


Manual: This is much more affordable when coma\pared for the automated awnings. You would also save on the electricity cost.

Motorised: They have a high cost, and need to be connected to the electrical system. Installing them is tougher and they would also add up to your monthly electricity bills.

Maintenance And Reliability 

Manual: They need less maintenance and their set-up is quite simple too. They are designed to offer additional support to the retraction operation.

Motorised: They work with the help of an electric motor, which increases the chances of maintenance issues. They can acquire issues like battery burnouts or deteriorating parts. They come with telescopic arms, which gives a cleaner look to the exterior of your house.

Which One Works Better? 

Ultimately, both types of awnings offer durable and long-lasting protection from different types of weather elements. They are waterproof and also offer full protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The automated ones come with a weather sensor, which helps them to operate automatically as the weather conditions change.

Thus, the final choice of whether you should go with a manual or motorised awning depends on various factors, like budget, comfort, and of course, your taste. Carefully consider all the features offered by both the awning, before you finally make the purchase. But whatever you choose, ensure that it should be of the best quality.