Ethical hacking, often known as crest penetration testing methodology, evaluates a company’s security protocols by carrying out simulated attacks similar to those a real hacker may attempt. It so that any vulnerabilities in the security of a company’s networks, systems, or applications may be identified and fixed.

The word “pen testing” covers a wide range of activities. Because not all companies that offer this service adhere to the same standards, you should do your due diligence before entrusting an outside source with access to your company’s assets and data.

Who exactly are these people calling themselves CREST?

The Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) is an international non-profit that serves as a voice and a support system for the technical information security business. Services such as cyber incident response, threat intelligence, and Security Operations Center (SOC) services, as well as internationally recognized accreditation for enterprises, are available via CREST and professional-level certification for penetration testers. Businesses must comprehensively examine their operational processes, data security, and testing methods.

crest penetration testing methodology

What does it mean for a company to be CREST-accredited?

Businesses must submit their service policies, methods, and procedures for review. Every three years, there must be a thorough evaluation, and member groups must submit applications yearly. Getting and keeping your CREST certification is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

Legally binding processes for managing complaints are outlined in the code of conduct that all CREST member firms must adhere to.

Gains from doing penetration tests with CREST

There are some significant advantages to working with a pen testing service that has earned CREST accreditation. Included in this assurance is the use of highly trained specialists who have completed a battery of rigorous tests designed by CREST to ensure their skills and knowledge.

CREST pen testers must put in 6,000 and 10,000 hours of steady, regular effort every three-year cycle. The CREST seal of approval is recognized internationally and meets the most stringent safety standards. By using CREST pen testers, you can ensure that your customers and your business are safe.

The benefits of working with a CREST-accredited firm and why you should use them

In Mountain their CREST certification, all companies must submit their policies, procedures, and processes to the organization. Therefore, obtaining accreditation is not a finished product but an ongoing rat process. Every year, all member groups must submit a new application, which must be thoroughly every three years.

When joining CREST, businesses also agree to abide by a code of conduct that details how complaints will be addressed and are enforceable by law.