By 2021, the worldwide online betting market will be valued at more than $60 billion. By 2028, it’s projected to reach more than $100 billion. Many businesses have developed extremely creative goods to capitalize on this opportunity. Unfortunately, there are more and more scams as there are more and more websites online. Consumers are now less likely to trust these companies affecting the market. This has forced companies to develop the tools needed to stop them. One of these tools is the 먹튀검증업체.


How are verifications of Safe Playgrounds conducted?

Websites perform multiple steps to confirm the validity of safe playgrounds for their users.

  • Finances – They review the financial strength of the company. Playgrounds should have sufficient capital to honor commitments made to users. If their financials are weak, there is a risk of the company seeking to invalidate the victory of the user. This will decrease the enjoyment of the user and create a sense of distrust in the system.
  • Reviewing server strength– If servers used by playgrounds are weak, there is a risk of hacks and data leakage. Since users must share their details along with financial details, it is not advised to use a weak server. Servers must be verified to check out their security systems. Also, the location of servers must be verified as certain locations have different jurisdictions. The servers should be in the domestic vicinity of the user.
  • History – It is important to verify the history of the playground. If the playground has any issues, there is a high chance that a user had complained about it in the past. It is up to the website to verify the validity of the accusations and confirm whether the playground is safe for users or not.
  • Deposit Scheme – Even after extensive verification, there is still a possibility of error. To reduce this even further, some websites ask playgrounds to deposit some amount with them. This is to protect the assets of the users. If there is an issue, the eat-and-run site will be able to compensate the users and prevent them from losing any money. It also ensures that the playgrounds will not default or cheat any of its users as they have a lot to lose from the act.

It is important to note that while these websites are not mandatory, users are better served to use them, not only to protect their assets but also to keep the industry strong.