Are you looking for a podiatry clinic singapore? If yes, this article is the correct place for you. Bunions, a bone outgrowth at the bottom of the big toe, are known to the majority of people. Did you even know that some little toe could also experience a similar situation? The term for this is a Tailor’s heel. Whenever tailors sat with their legs spread for extended periods, an overwhelming effect was placed on the outside edges of their toes, leading to bunions, which is how the name “tailor’s foot” came to be used.

What are the causes?

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  • Since Tailor’s bunion seems to have multiple causes, the exact reason is unclear.
  • Direct stress on the fifth metatarsal seems to be the most frequent reason causing Tailor’s bunion.
  • Shoes that are tight or thin are typically the source of this pressure.
  • Because of the constant brushing and stress against the epidermis, these shoes push some little toes inside toward another toe, resulting in alterations towards the bone position and exacerbating the complaints.
  • Tailor’s bunion could frequently be encouraged by incorrect postural stability.
  • Individuals with very higher or lower arches in their feet might move with more pressure on the exterior of their legs.
  • Additional causes comprise tense leg muscles and weak tendons inside the foot.

How it can be treated?

Your feet could be thoroughly biomechanically evaluated by a podiatrist to identify the root of your complaints. The goal of Tailor’s bunion treatments is to lessen pain by concentrating on decreasing stress and tension in the troublesome area.

  • Appropriate footwear: To alleviate the stress around the fifth metatarsal, doctors can suggest shoes with a broader toe area.
  • Foot orthoses: Such tools aid in correcting poor foot position, reducing undue joint stress, and relieving Tailor’s bunion discomfort.
  • This Tailor’s bunion can be accommodated and its irritation reduced with the use of in-shoe cushioning.
  • Exercises that enhance foot mechanics as well as redistribute weight equally along the front of the feet are intended to develop the foot as well as ankle musculature.


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