Several churches are found in different parts of the world. Among them, there are some quite recognizable churches. Over here, there is a specific church called shincheonji church of Jesus. Some people pronounce it as shincheonji and in shortly termed as SCJ. The founder of this church is Lee man-hee. Approximately in the year of 1980s around like that, this church origination has taken place in South Korea.

This word shincheonji is stating the meaning of an association of a new heaven and earth outside of Korea. Especially in the Korean language, people believe like this. Of course, according to some reports, this religious church is engaged in different legal problems and some may portray this church is extremely weak in their teachings like that. Followed by, some people don’t like this church utilized the source of social media platforms and various magazines to let the people stay out of this church and motivated the people to avoid joining this church community.


Something to know about; 

There are favorable things that got noticed during the research about this church. Majorly this church is great at actively participating in different cultural activities and also organizes many social activist groups like that. According to research, this church successfully conducted the auspicious event is the Olympic style athletics event.  Apart from it, this church is also associated with some controversies too in the name of a word cult. It is the commonly used word and of course, to this church, this word a successful cult suits the best. The creator of this church namely lee man- hee does have some great and special abilities in interpreting the biblical texts. Moreover, this church is awesome in its teachings where the creator does not follow other Christian churches indoctrinations. Especially this wonderful creator always practices indoctrinations apart of education. This church is good at offering free classes to learn the bible.

Moreover, the best important thing in this church is its success. Maybe there are people those who don’t follow these church principles especially in South Korea, but today the impact of these church teachings by creator lee is extremely appreciable.


Hence some people portray that and claim that this church is a god’s place and you could find a group of people love to fulfill their lives in putting faith in god. There are some negative vibes that some people discourage people to not to join in this church at all. But in this church, after completion of several months of studying bible only, you will be allowed to join over here.