Strict laws in the United States, especially in some states like California will not allow teens under 18 years to consume alcohol or purchase them. But some students do like to overcome the rules and wants to enjoy driving, the only option that is available in front of them is using a fake id.  We are in this field for many years and help more than of the people under 18 years to enjoy the rich nightlife. Our California Fake ID can easily pass the verification test; we are using latest technology through cloning to prepare them.

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You can view the samples of both California old and new cards in our portal, the first one. We have started issuing the new design i.e. California (2018-2023) in January 2018. It will be valid up to 5 to 6 years and its legality depends upon customer’s interest. Coming to the exterior look or design of this type, it has an engraving of a gold digger with hat and beard as a background and two pairs of ghost images are positioned on the front part. Out of the two images, one will be visible under normal light and another one can be seen under UV light. Legit California fake id will pass the backlight test easily.

California ID or DL (2010-2018) is the old design which was issued since 2010; this design was later modified in 2017. On this older version identity card, date of birth is printed on the front portion. Old ID card features image of the person along with the date of birth. Back portion of this card has a barcode that can be scanned, get on to our website t know more interesting features of California fake id card(both old and new). You can order either new or old one within a fraction of second via our official website.