Winni V. This sometimes goes with the name Winnie V or Winny V, which is just a nickname for the stanozolol brand, Winstrol. This is one of the most popular steroids when it comes to cutting cycles. Its contribution to bulking cycles is not much since this is a “cutting drug.” Unlike other steroids, consuming Winni V should be in lower doses.

Most bodybuilders prefer this drug for its efficacy. However, due to its benefits, Winni V ranks high on the most abused drug in the market today. Remember that this is a very strong anabolic steroid. Misusing and abusing this can cause possible drug dependency; the reason why it’s classified as Schedule III dangerous drug.

Effects vs Side Effects

Like any other steroids, Winni V is also affecting your free testosterone. But this can be avoided by using testosterone supplements. Stanozolol, the generic of Winni V, has been developed to resist the first pass through the liver without being destroyed. One of the worst side effects of Winni V is its toxicity which is worst compared to other kinds of steroids.

Stacking or combining Winni V to other drugs is a common practice within the bodybuilding circle. However, this can cause several health problems that can sometimes be dangerous. Reports show that even low doses of Winni V can cause the decrease in HDL and an increase in LDL. Bodybuilders, who choose Winni V to be incorporated in their preconditioning or cutting cycles, opt to limit their intake of this steroid whether in pills or liquid form. The intake should be minimized to six weeks to avoid severe toxicity problems.

Winni V for Women

The dosage recommendation for women is around 5mg to 10 mg a day. For injections, a 100mgs a day is enough according to some users. It is best to take DHT based compounds with Winni V like Masteron and Testosterone. Women bodybuilders who want to get ripped muscles must switch Masteron to a Trenbolone cycle to achieve more powerful effects.

Women using Winni V may experience some side effects associated with masculinization or virilization. Some of these side effects may include deeper voice, irregular or cessation of menstruation, increase in hair growth on the face and the body and as well as worsening of acne.

Winni V Results

Like the side effects to a drug, a person’s reaction to Winni V varies among individuals. Some may achieve faster results than the others. Stacking this drug to other drugs during a cutting or bulking phase is a common practice. Bodybuilders do this for better lean muscle mass and decrease fat levels. However, since you are using more drugs this time, the risk for potential side effects may also increase.

Winni V PCT or Post Cycle Therapy

Winni V PCT is very important to help bodybuilders maintain the earned muscle mass during the off-season. PCT routines can vary among users. Some find it hard to find the right balance to get their hormone levels back on track. Some would use Clomid or Nolvadex to help their body regulate hormone levels. PCT recommendations will also differ from men and women reacts differently to anti-estrogenic, anti-progestational and antiandrogenic drugs.

Any drug or steroid can be easily abused. Before you start using any steroid, it is best to do your research. Know what the drug is all about. Its benefits and uses, the legal status of this drug, its mechanism of action, even its origin. Know the tiniest detail that will help you decide if Winni V is for you. Consider your options. Always make sure that the benefits outweigh the potential side effects.