The people mostly want to resemble like the star of the films like the singers and the stars of the movies. People need the look which is expected for the special occasion like the Halloween and their family functions. For a change of their looks they prefers to use these lenses of contact and may cause lots and lots damage about their sight of eye. The red colored contacts have many other names of decorative lens for eyes. The other names are Halloween lens, fashion lens, coloured lens, cosmetic lens, theatre lens and many more. The lens of decorative are made for change about their eyes. These lenses are unable to correct the vision and they can able to change temporary about their eyes. The eye lens must be approved by the food and drug administration for the effectiveness and safety for vision correcting. For the lens which are to be corrected and don’t buy the lens from the vendor of street.
The possible risks by wearing the lens:
Wearing the different types of the lenses of the contacts along with the decorative one may cause the damage which is serious about the eyes. These are obtained with or without the prescription from the physician should be used properly. The possible risks there will be scratch or cut observed on the layer eyeball. The reaction to the lens may have some irritations and the red eyes with water and the vision decreased and may cause blind or infection. While wearing the lens of any kind should be aware of possible signs of the infection of eyes. The redness and observable pain in the eyes and they may last for some period of time with the vision of decreased.

contact lenses for your eyes

The pros and cons about the lens:
Its better for consultation before wearing an eye lens. The concerned candidate should be licensed and should be examined properly about the lens prescription. The lens selected should be properly fitted it is very important about the lens. If the lens is fitted wrongly, they may cause severe damage to the eyes. Its better to consult the doctors. Doctors will definitely help about the lens which are to used by the people about their need of the lens used for the purpose of decoration. Make sure before purchasing the lens be ware of the date with expiry. The candidate needs to follow the instructions written on the box of lens. It includes about the cleaning, wearing, disinfection of the lens for contact. These lenses should not be shared with the other people because all the people may not have the same measurements. The attention of the medical things and the removal of the lens looks red and having the pains along with the infections. If the candidate is suffering from infection of eyes, they are instructed to remove them. If the physician is not at all interested to get a proper prescription they lens may not fit. If they fit properly there will be no irritation and if they didn’t fit well the people may observe full irritation.