A tutor is an educator hired for a student, apart from their regular school or college teachers, to help gain a better understanding of the subject and improve their grades. The fees and cost of hiring a tutor depend on various factors like the tutor’s experience, hiring, and the standard and intelligence of the student to be taught. Tutors for students in higher grades charge a higher fee since, with increasing standards, teaching subjects become more arduous and require an educator with a higher level of expertise. Usually, there exist various means, students or parents can hire tutors. Sometimes students are required to visit their tutors’ homes to take lessons, or they contact a home tuition agency that allows students to find tutors who visit students’ homes to teach either all subjects or a specific subject only. Students and guardians can also find subject-specific tuition agencies for subjects like English, Hindi, maths, science, etc.

Criteria to be a tutor

The job of a tutor is complimented by immense pressure and responsibility since they hold the future of a child in their hands through their grades. It is a common sight in our society to see parents and students hold tuition teachers more responsible and accountable for a student’s grades than the school /college teacher and even the students themselves. A tutor’s job is immensely tough since they need to suit their teaching style custom to each student’s understanding.

home tuition agency

Every student has a different level of knowledge of the same concept. Hence, teachers or tutors contacted through a home tuition agency need to adapt every learner’s ability. A tutor must not only be an expert in the subject they teach but must also have a high level of patience and a passion for teaching and for passing on knowledge.

Teachers are highly underappreciated in our country; it’s no surprise. However, tutors are even more underappreciated and do not get a fraction of the recognition they deserve, which is genuinely heart-breaking considering they’re the ones that students rely on to score marks and succeed in life by doing academically well. No profession should be looked down upon, especially one like a teacher or tutor who deserves to be treated with the highest respect as they are the ones who work selflessly to make our career bright and build the nation’s future.