The world is continuously working towards lessening the amount of stress each one’s face. So naturally, the amount of work done is also being reduced. Rather than working hard, people are trying to work smart and efficiently. This is the only kind of work that is being acknowledged now.

So it is no surprise that the plumbers or tools person does not carry an entire set of spanners nowadays. They only carry one spanner that is adjustable to any size. But why are adjustable spanner being increasingly preferred over non-adjustable spanners?

Effective For Beginners

The beginners do not have to struggle with knowing the different sizes of spanners for different bolts or nuts. If it were before, they will have to learn this over a short period through trial and error methods. No one is going to stick to them to teach them the basics about spanners.

So, with adjustable spanners, they can learn with ease. Since they can be adjusted to any size, the person does not have to worry about carrying the wrong size. Having one spanner for all uses reduces their stress while learning as well.

adjustable spanner

Even Non-Standardized Nuts And Bolts Can Be Fixed

Spanners are mainly used for removing or screwing nuts and bolts into specific places. They have been very useful as they come in different sizes. No matter what the size of the nut was, there will be a spanner for the same. But as time advanced and technologically advanced as well, people started customizing the size of nuts and bolts used.

Since a standard spanner set only had standardized sizes, they were not useful for customized nuts. This is also where the adjustable ones have a greater hand. They can be adjusted to fit even the customized and non-standard nuts and bolts into the required place.

Ease Of Carrying Them Around

One of the greatest advantages of adjustable ones is that they can be carried around with ease. The technicians or tools person does not need to carry around a large tool space. Their time and energy are saved by using just one spanner for the entire process. Apart from saving time and energy, it also saves space in the tool kit. Other things that they feel is required for the job may be placed in there instead.

These are only a few out of the many advantages of using an adjustable one instead of a non-adjustable spanner.