A crown for your teeth is referred to as a cap that is replaced for a damaged tooth. These caps are manufactured of different materials like metals or porcelain. The crowns of your teeth are placed on top of the molar. It barely shows up when you smile or talk. However, it is noticed while yawing or wide opening your mouth. All of the crowns or cap is designed in a specific way to fit inside every person’s mouth. Dental Crown Singapore is fit according to the size of the molar is different in every case.

Different factors consideration for choosing crown:

  • Cost of the material
  • Strength of the crown
  • The durability of the materials

Make sure to choose the tooth crown as far it looks natural. The appearance is essential for making your smile appealing. Dentists will help you to choose the right material. They figure out the best one for you as per your needs and preference.

The most common types of different dental crowns are:

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  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Composite resin
  • Mixture of zirconia

The metal crowns can be infused with porcelain for making the substance hard and free from all-porcelain materials. Choose the crown material as per the quality of the tooth. Otherwise, it may fall off after a few days.

Factors for crown material are:

  • Location of the tooth inside your mouth
  • Position of gum tissue
  • Position of molar when you wide open the mouth
  • Remaining tooth
  • Natural tooth position and the remaining part
  • Color of the surrounding part

The dentist is also helpful to choose the appropriate material for dental crown singapore.

Temporary dental crown

Temporary crowns are placed on top of the molar as it sounds like. The nature of these crowns is not permanent and is fixed for a shorter time. The dentist places the crown on top of the needed molar using adhesive. You can easily remove it later on. The bond of the crown is not strong permanently.

Who needs dental crowns?

If you are a person suffering from problems between molars then fix crowns inside those gaps. Crowns are also needed for:

  • Worn out teeth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Weak tooth

Dentist suggests dental crowns during the time of root canal because of their fragile nature and protection. The crowns are installed when any tooth goes missing. Here, implantation of teeth or bridges comes useful.