A dust monitoring device is a device that is used to detect the concentration and the size of the dust particles present in the air. It monitors and provides you with the results that specify how much your indoors are polluted by the dust particles.

There is another term known as dust monitoring equipment or AQI, the value of AQI gives the pollution tolerance and whether it is healthy or not. Usually, the AQI up to 50 or less is considered good whereas above 100 is considered bad for health.

So this device functions to give you the accurate value of the pollution in the area.

Components of the dust monitoring device

dust monitoring equipment

  • Detection components
  1. Dust monitoring: The detection components in the equipment include two sensors namely, PM2.5 and PM10 sensors. And these sensors will detect the dust particles every minute and will provide the respective data. This data is then processed through the internal programming circuits.
  1. Noise monitoring: Along with dust monitoring, there is also a provision of noise detecting sensors. That will detect the noise in and around the area.
  1. Meteorological monitoring: This consists of a series of wind speed and direction detecting, as well as a guard against solar radiations.
  • Processing Data

There is the presence of a unit at the center of the device known as the collection host. This unit collects the data provided by the sensors and stores it. And after the statistical operations, the data is processed to be given out through the output device.

  • Display Component

There is a LED display that will display the real-time data detected and processed by the device. Users will get the information based on the data provided.

Types of dust monitoring equipment

There are two types of dust monitoring systems.

Pump suction dust monitoring equipment

This type of dust monitoring device works on the laser scattering effect. Whenever the dust gets in the way of the laser beam, it scatters. Hence the dust particle can be detected. It is efficient because it has a flow pump to power up. Such that comparatively larger particles will not stick into the cavities. Moreover, it also has a straight structure so, dust will not be accumulated inside the device.

Diffusion dust monitoring equipment

It also uses laser scattering, but it is powered by a fan and consumes less power. It has a waterproof LED panel as it is installed on high poles. This also helps them to resist the high winds.