Health screenings mainly detect diseases when most of them are treatable. This screening mainly prevents some of the serious health problems which can develop if some of the medical conditions are left untreated. Some of the important facts about women health screening have been discussed in this article.

Important health screening tests to be conducted in case of women 

Below are some of the important health screening tests in the case of women:

  1. Pap as well as human papillomavirus tests: This type of test between the ages 20 and 30. One should have a Pap and HPV screening to look for any pre-or early cervical cancer as well as the HPV virus.
  2. Sexually transmitted diseases tests may be symptomless. The women who are sexually active as well as mainly in between the age range of 13 to 65 regularly do check up for STDs. This is especially necessary for those women under age 25 and had new or different-sex partners.
  3. The pregnancy test. If someone suspects that they might be pregnant, then they must get tested. Early testing helps in getting good prenatal care, which includes eating well as well as avoiding drugs and alcohol.
  4. Mammogram. It is necessary to get mammogram testing starting at age 40. This test must be done annually.
  5. Skin check. At the age of 18, it is necessary to check for the skin on a monthly-basis. This is especially true if someone is fair-skinned or being exposed to the sun constantly.
  6. Colonoscopy. This type of test helps find as well as removes some of the symptom-less polyps which can later develop into colon cancer.
  7. Bone density test. This type of testing mainly begins at age 50.
  8. It is necessary to have a regular eye check-up after crossing the age of 60.

women health screening

Importance of the women health screening 

Health screening is mainly important to monitor overall health as well as wellness. These appointments mainly vary based on the age as well as individual needs. They mainly focus on:

  1. Screening for different medical issues
  2. These screening mainly help in establishing a baseline for the person’s general health
  3. These tests mainly assess the risk of some of the future medical issues
  4. They mainly encourage a healthy lifestyle
  5. These screening also helps in updating vaccination
  6. They also help in building a trusted relationship with the provider

These are some of the important facts to know about women’s health screening.