A great poet once said something like that this world is too much for us, it is far too real. Well, he was right, everyone needs a little escape or two to fine-tune themselves with the real world around us.

It is certainly true that a little fun in life is mandatory to escape from the mundane realities of everyday life. Because, this everyday life can easily turn monotonous, dull, and boring without fun. And, especially in times like these when the world is moving so fast that we do not seriously have time for that. I mean, who would prefer to escape if there is a hell lot of workload? It is so because that escape would immediately turn into a nightmare with thoughts of work haunting every now and then.

But, thanks to the virtual reality that enables us to experience fun and feel the associated pleasure right there on our routine work desks.

What does they provide you?

The Virtual escape room online provide you with mind-blowing escape challenges that you can switch on as many times you want, at any hour. Be assured, every time you will get a different theme and a completely different experience altogether.

There would be pre-assigned teams that would be put into individual breakout rooms. You can discuss all your tasks there which will be in the form of puzzles on language, numbers, codes, logic, and shapes. There is absolutely no cause for worry even if you do not understand it at first glance because you would be provided with a lead facilitator who would guide you and let you have hints if thought necessary.

The experience is designed by leading experts from big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Netflix, etc. Knowing that you can yourself imagine the high-quality experience you are going to witness.

There are three main package deals depending on your budget and requirements:

Bronze: Up to 1.5 hrs with 1 facilitator per 40 pax 

Silver : 3 hrs with 1 facilitator per 20 pax

Gold:  4 hrs with 1 facilitator per 10 pax 

You will have theme rooms like Egyptian Pyramids, Sci-fi space stations, Indiana Jones, Sherlock’s detective world, Matrix escapes, 1920s gothic horror,  zombie apocalypse, and best the virus.

Team games not only increase your motivation by increasing your creative skills but also builds up your teamwork abilities. You learn the art of collaborative potential. This further helps in enhancing the communication skills that would surely help you when you are back out there in the real world.