A person can refinance their hdb loans from financial institutions regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. With refinancing, a person is recovering their mortgage with the new home loan. A person refires with a new lender, which helps him get a lower interest rate. The refinance hdb loan helps get the loan from the bank to get the latest property or pay other finances.

Who can get a home loan?

  • A person who has an excellent monthly income to pay off the loan and EMI’s.
  • It depends on the residency status.
  • A person who can fulfil the Monetary Authority requirements.
  • It also depends on the borrower’s minimum and maximum age.

 HDB Loan eligibility

If a person wants to find out if there are eligible for the HDB loan and the maximum amount to pay, a person is needed to apply for an HDB on an eligibility letter. It will help a person know how much they can borrow, the monthly payments they need to pay, and other terms and conditions.

refinance hdb loan

When should a person refinance their HDB loan?

A person can refinance their HDB loan anytime. Most HDB homeowners refinance their loan after 4 to 5 years because they have already paid 25% of their property price. After applying for refinancing, they do not need to be more. A person is free to refinance their loan anytime. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete the refinance. A person should go for refinancing when the interest rates are lower and when the person’s financial situation has changed.

When does refinancing a bad idea

  • It might be a bad idea when a person switches to a higher Interest rate.
  • there might be some penalty when a person pays the loan early.
  • A person must pay the switching cost when they refinance, which is expensive.

 The refinance hdb loan help the person recover the mortgage with the new home loan. When a person refinances the HDB loan to a bank loan, The banks will pay off the HDB loan on behalf of the person. Through this process, a person does not owe anything to HDB, but they owe to the banks because they have paid the money on a person’s behalf. Refinancing is a bad idea when a person switches to the higher interest rate, and generally, refinancing helps to get the lower interest rate.