The flowers are so beautiful that you even want to keep them forever, but after a few days, they will wither. Because dried flowers can be stored for longer, they become so hot that many people are very interested in making dried flowers.

There are some quick ways to make dried flowers in your favorite style.

There are some easy ways to dry flowers that require very little preparation, and you probably already have everything you need. When choosing the perfect flowers to keep, try to find the ones about to reach their peak. They also need to be as dry as possible, so pick the flowers as soon as the morning dew has evaporated.

An easy way of drying flowers is to hang them upside down on a string or other thin piece of string. Remove the leaves and divide the flowers into individual flowers or dry them in a small group. Hang the flowers in a dark place, warm and dry. Too much moisture can cause the flowers to rot, and light can cause them to wilt. Well Live Florist offers competitive rates for their preserved flowers in Singapore. Check it out today.

Varying with the type of flower you are drying and the temperature and humidity of their hung, the time to fully dry will vary. However, this process usually takes two to three weeks. You want the flowers to be dry to the touch, so check them regularly. Once dry, you can store them in an airtight container until you’re ready to use them on a project.

Well Live Florist offers competitive rates for their preserved flowers in Singapore. Check it out today.

Another easy way to dry flowers is to press them down. It can be done with a flower press or placing flowers between books. Put the blotting paper on the paper board, and then lay the flower gently and place it well. Using a flower press will have layers of heavy paper, almost as thick as cardboard; there will also be thinner blotting papers.

You can then place the whole stack in a wooden frame and screw it tight with the wing nuts. Once the flowers are dry, transfer them to an airtight container, so they’re ready for your next craft project. Dried flowers make excellent decorative frames and other crafts.


There may be other ways to make dried flowers; they are easier to perform and can even be made at home. If you follow the instructions, you can have your beautiful dried flowers. Because flowers are delicate and need your protection, you must be especially careful when handling them.