Many of you may ignore health insurance, but some pay attention to its beneficial coverage. Healthcare and health insurance plans are both essential to an individual. How does it help? Below is a clear explanation of how you will benefit from the Health insurance in Singapore from G&M.

What does health insurance offer?

G&M health insurance offers you different types of health insurance offer, such as:

  • Medical and hospitalization expenses
  • Lifetime health insurance

Types of health insurance

There are five types of health insurance available for everyone’s needs:

  • Employee benefits insurance
  • Lifestyle insurance
  • Motor insurance
  • Corporate insurance
  • SME insurance

The different types of health insurance offer different coverages. If you own a company, then you must be offering corporate insurance for your employees. Check on these different types of health insurance to know which health insurance plan is right for you.

Health insurance in Singapore from G&M.

Who can avail?

All Singaporean citizens and PRs are automatically covered by G&M health insurance. They can have an access to government facilities, including inpatient hospitalization. As a Singaporean employee, you have to check your handbook on what benefits your company offers since health insurance is under one of those.

Companies usually provide employee benefits, which include health insurance. An accident may not be planned, but as a company and an employee, you will be prepared for the possible medical and hospitalization expenses covered by the health insurance plan. There is also other medical insurance coverage ensuring the continuity of the offer for post-employment.

Therefore, you should plan ahead of time before purchasing a suitable medical insurance plan according to your needs.

Can self-employed people purchase a health insurance plan?

Yes, anyone can purchase a health insurance plan, whether you are employed or self-employed. As long as you can afford to buy a suitable health insurance plan for your needs, you are free to secure your future health expenses.

For self-employed, you speak with an experienced health insurance broker with access to an array of insurances. An insurance broker can advise you on the type of health insurance plan suitable for your current lifestyle. A health insurance broker can help you and give some pieces of advice on your health insurance needs.

It is expected that health costs are inflated yearly. Understandably, health insurance will not just help you out from huge medication and hospitalization expenses but also can cover your family members, according to your choice of health insurance plan.