Lighting plays a fundamental role in an apartment, and having the privilege of being able to take advantage of natural light at the expense of artificial light is certainly a great advantage. The benefits are not only in economic terms, as it will inevitably lead us to reduce energy consumption , but also in terms of design, allowing us to make the environment more welcoming picture windows installation San Antonio.

A well-lit house will appear even larger, and will give us the opportunity to highlight the furnishings and flooring.In fact, more and more people today resort to panoramic windows , real stained glass windows that can be adapted to any room and blend perfectly with any style of furniture.

There are really something for all tastes and needs, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to own a luxury home or a breathtaking view to install a panoramic window, because despite their particularity, these fascinating windows are really for everyone.

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Types of panoramic windows

A window can be called a panoramic window when it is made up of very large glass and a minimal frame : they are therefore very clean windows, capable of letting in as much light as possible.

Depending on the type of opening, panoramic windows are divided into three very specific categories: there are sliding , deaf and casement windows .

In the sliding windows, the glass can slide inside the wall or one on the other, while the hinged ones are the most classic type, in which the opening is towards the inside. On the other hand, the deaf panoramic windows are quite different, since they do not provide for the possibility of opening, thus remaining fixed, like real windows. These particular fixtures can be angular, straight or in the version called bow window, that is the arched window in the English style.

You can decide to install a panoramic window in any room of the house, from the living room to the bedrooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom, or even to delimit a greenhouse or a veranda. The customization possibilities are truly infinite and allow you to insert this type of frame in any context, whether it overlooks a garden or a balcony.

The advantages of panoramic windows

The first advantage that the choice of this fascinating type of window entails certainly concerns the brightness : the rooms will benefit from natural light in a very elegant and classy atmosphere, guaranteed by the transparency of the glass. In addition, since it is a very particular window model, it will certainly give a much more important scenographic effect than a traditional window frame.