A country is considered developed when it has the best economic, technological status along with socially responsible citizens. Speaking of social responsibility, it is necessary for every parent to teach their offsprings about the moral and ethical values for their as well as society’s well-being. One of the initiatives could be encouraging the young mind to take part in service learning singapore. Here is a list of ideas to instill social responsibility in your child’s mind.

  • Accountability and generosity
  • Projects
  • Empowerment
  • It is ‘We’ not ‘Me’
  • Family contribution

Accountability and generosity:  People in the modern world have become most commercial and business-oriented right from the beginning. For example, a child may help a friend complete homework but expects a favour in return. This is due to a lack of correction by the parents about the actions of the kids. It is the adult’s duty to teach the fresh brains to help others without expectations and never to blame anyone for failures in life.

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Projects: As discussed earlier, projects like service learning will instill humanity in the children’s brains through the execution of theory into practice. It is obvious that teenagers learn more by doing than listening. So, when a student participates in volunteer projects it gives them an idea about community and human values in general along with impregnation of academic data into their minds. Another hint is that working in groups will improve social connections and scope to rectify their mistakes.

Empowerment: This word is the most misused term in English, the public often regards it as the right to misuse powers given by the legal authorities. You can spot this when it is used in regards to women empowerment. However, getting back to the topic, the meaning of empowerment is to reach a good position through hardwork and humility. So, next time request the children to clean their own rooms and toys to ensure they learn the value of hardwork. In short, the ability to make a decision and act on one’s own to succeed or fail is empowerment.

It is ‘We’ not ‘Me’: The majority of the common people act selfishly out of insecurities and greed. Never ever leave the mentality of ‘me, mine, I’ unaddressed, tell the kid to think about others as well. For example, Rakesh wants to play Holi in the garden where there are children allergic to colors. This is the right opportunity to tell him to avoid playing when a few are uncomfortable with colors. But, if he unknowingly involves the sensitive beings, it will lead to the breaking of connections and spoil the environment.

Family contribution: It is easier to sit and enjoy the luxuries provided but it takes guts and responsibility to stand with loved ones in tough times. As everyone knows the father is the bread earner while the mother takes care of the home. In simple words, kids must be taught to extend a helping hand to parents either in the maintenance of the house or adding bucks for family expenses.

From the above, it is evident that a child can become socially responsible when he learns and follows accountability, generosity, volunteering, empowerment and family contribution. Also, a young lad can gain knowledge through participating in social projects like the service learning Singapore.