The enneagram is a map to understand personality types. It is made up of nine typologies, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. It helps to understand one’s own personality and the traits of others. However, it can be confusing to understand what type of personality each of us has, something that is determined based on how we behave in certain situations.

The Enneagram is a typology of nine interrelated personality types that serves as a model of the human psyche. cómo identificar mis necesidades can improve your understanding of both yourself and other people.he nine categories represent various temperaments, but they are all interconnected and help to create a distinctive character. The secret to finding a better fit for you and your relationships is to understand your own distinctive style.The Enneagram has drawn a lot of interest as a tool for personal development in recent years. Numerous psychiatrists have employed it not only in psychotherapy, but also in commercial and religious settings to assist people lead more fulfilling lives.

How to Be Happy Alone - Advice and Tips for Being By Yourself

How to identify the issue

The fact that they have grown too reliant on others is one of the reasons why many people don’t want to ask for assistance. They can distrust people because of unpleasant experiences. They may have also experienced feelings of betrayal or abandonment from someone they trusted. Agata Asensi helps strengthen your interpersonal ties, which is another reason you should not be hesitant to do so. It will make the people around you more approachable, creating a more comfortable atmosphere.At Agata Asensi, they conduct several retreats and cycles to help you understand your enneagram while also introducing you to various interpersonal communication techniques.

Understanding the emotions that underlie your wants is a crucial step in determining what they are. This can be accomplished by listing your emotional demands in order of importance. Depending on how critical they are to you, Agata Asensi can rank your emotional requirements from one to ten. You must be able to recognise your wants and meet them if you want to be happy. In other words, you must experience a sense of fulfilment and happiness.Knowing your needs is the first step in the practise. Although at first it might seem challenging, it will give you confidence and enable you to work with others. Additionally, it calls for particular techniques and tangible activities. Agata Asensi helps making a list of your needs and visualising them in your mind will help you practise identifying your needs.