At TLC, our SHOWERS OF LOVE service assists the bereaved in moving on with dignity and in an atmosphere of peace. During the session, our team of professionally qualified embalmers and beauticians will gently and comfortingly prepare your loved one for the last voyage in a manner that is respectful. In addition, family members can express their most sincere feelings and affection for one another by folding paper cranes. Know all about showers of love.

I would want to participate in the proceedings; may I do so?

The SHOWERS OF LOVE program is intended to allow family members to participate in the experience and physically interact with a deceased loved one for the last time. During the session, you will have the chance to perform rituals such as giving your dearly departed the facial treatment of your choice, washing his hands & hair, and dressing the body.

showers of love

Our funeral services are customizable, so you may choose which aspects of the ceremony you desire to participate in based on the amount of intimacy you feel most comfortable with.

SHOWERS OF LOVE was established so that surviving members of families might carry out the last gesture of kindness for their loved ones who had passed away. We have selected the art of origami, and more especially the paper crane, to assist families in communicating their feelings at times of loss by combining western philosophical concepts with eastern cultural traditions. The paper crane, also known as an orizuru (ori, Tsuru), is a kind of Japanese origami that is often regarded as the model that exemplifies the art form’s timeless elegance. Cranes are said to herald the arrival of everlasting rest, and it is believed that they lead souls in the direction of the Light. It was thought that the spirits of the dearly dead would be transported up to heaven on the crane’s wing.


SHOWERS OF LOVE was developed to enable loved ones to provide the last tribute to a loved one who has passed away. To assist grieving families in expressing themselves, we’ve turned to origami, especially the paper crane, a discipline that draws on both western philosophical traditions and eastern cultural traditions. orizuru, or paper crane, is one of the most well-known Japanese origami creations because of its simplicity and timeless appeal. Crows are said to represent everlasting repose, and they are also said to direct souls to Heaven. It was thought that the crane transported the deceased to heaven on the backs of its storied wings.