Divorce itself is difficult to handle, but it can be worse when there are children involved. When a couple has children, both parties would want to spend as much time with their children as possible. In most cases, both parents want physical custody of their children, which is what complicates a divorce process most of the time. If you are a parent who has issues about child custody, you may want to talk to a Fort Worth child custody lawyer. 

To make sure that you will be able to find the right custody lawyer for your case, here are some factors you have to look into:

Background Questions

You have to ask the potential lawyer some valuable questions that will give you information on the lawyer’s academic background and professional experience. These questions include where he or she attended law school, how long has he or she been practicing, how many child custody cases does he or she handle every year, is he or she a member of a professional legal organization, and he or she has any specific case that is similar to yours.

fort worth child custody lawyer

Legal Philosophy Questions

It’s critical to know the legal style and approach of the custody lawyer in practicing law. You may ask questions that pertain to the following to determine this: what is your philosophy and approach in representing a child custody case, what is your general working arrangement with clients, are you fond of providing options or expect your clients to come up with a decision, what do you is your kind of personality and style in lawyering?

Questions about the Role of the Child in the Custody Arrangements

This depends on the state you reside in. In Texas, children who are 12 or older may state their opinion and have them considered by court. A minor won’t have a 100 percent right to whom he or she must stay. When they reach 12 years of age, their opinion will be a huge factor in the judge’s decision. It is crucial to consult with a Fort Worth child custody lawyer if you have such concerns.

Ask If These Will Affect Other Financial Arrangements

If you have a standing financial arrangement with your ex-spouse and if your ex has alimony to pay, make sure that the custody lawyer knows about it before custody arrangements are worked on. It is possible that having new custody arrangements will affect the financial obligations you either receive or pay. This depends on the agreement though. In some cases, custody arrangement changes don’t have any bearing on these obligations.