The credentials of the foreign worker and the nature of their employment are taken into consideration when determining the sort of work pass and permission that may be obtained in Singapore. The S Pass is required of employees in Singapore with a level of expertise between highly skilled and unskilled. Examples of such employees include technologists, accountants, and journalists.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore is the government agency that is in charge of providing work passes and processing applications for them. Here’s a helpful article to leanrn more about S pass requirement in Singapore.

Who is Qualified to Apply for a S Pass for Singapore?

If you meet all of the requirements listed below, you are qualified to submit an application for a S Pass in Singapore:You are an employee with a level of talent somewhere around the middle (technician, analyst, accountant, journalist, etc.)

You will be working in Singapore now that you have obtained a position there. Your employer is the one responsible for submitting the application for the S Pass on your behalf.

Here's a helpful article to leanrn more about S pass requirement in Singapore.

You may expect to get a predetermined compensation of at least 2,300 Singapore dollars each and every month. This is the minimal wage required for fresh college graduates or individuals with a shorter amount of job experience to qualify for a S Pass.

The qualifications for a foreign worker’s minimal wage to qualify for a S Pass will be increased if they have more experience.

You possess the necessary credentials, such as a certificate or degree from an accredited educational institution. Technical certifications, such as those earned via completion of a course, may also be recognized; however, the course in question has to have lasted for at least a year.

You have expertise working in a field relevant to this topic.

The process of submitting the application for the S Pass

The following describes the steps involved in applying for a S Pass:

You should write a letter of agreement to your employer, indicating that you accept to be employed by them and that you grant them permission to apply for the pass on your behalf. You should also state that you are giving them permission to apply for the pass on your behalf.

Your company will sign into EP Online and complete the S Pass Application Form on your behalf.

They affix all of the documentation that is necessary for the S Pass, which may be found on the Application Form for the S Pass.

They are responsible for paying the S Pass application processing charge, which is now S$75.

They will get an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter from us in the event that your application is accepted. The IPA letter is something that must be provided to you by your company. Since the letter functions as a single-entry visa, it enables you to go to Singapore without having to apply for a new visa.

Find out whether you are required to get a medical checkup while you are in Singapore and whether or not it will be covered by your insurance.

This paper contains a list of any documentation that you and your employer would need in order to apply to have your pass granted.