In most cases, college students leave their personalized and comfortable rooms for a drab apartment near their campus. Since you are trying to save money, the most suitable thing you can do is rent a cheap house. Typically, inexpensive rooms belong to the rundown apartment building. The stairs seem incomprehensible and the rooms lack a colourful decor. What’s more, the walls are in dire need of reconstruction. If you find a problem with it and you want to fix it, be all creative about it. Don’t just opt for wallpaper or paint. If you choose the former, it looks very silly to see if you peel the wallpapers off from the wall it may leave residue of glue when you decide to leave the house. On the other hand, the paint might be messy and could smell weird while you wait for it to dry.

Many people hire interior designers or painting artists  because they are not sure how they want to go about their home decor. They have a lot of ideas so they want to mix and match paintings with home decor  but are afraid that the end product might turn out to look too crazy. As an interior designer, when it comes to walls, floors and furniture, you need to know exactly what colour, size and style to go with. Contrast is important if your main focus is equally on aesthetics as well. It isdifficult to enjoy a monochromatic house because the house has a strong look in terms of colour. Once upon a time it sure would look stylish and appropriate, but now it is just boring.

paintings with home decor

Mismatching is fine. But you just do not put a blue throw on a blue sofa or a couch. or match floral artwork with wall color .  The two blues may not match. Just like you don’t put a mustard-coloured cardigan on top of a yellow shirt in the sun. Have fun while combining different patterns. The key is to make sure that the colours complement each other perfectly. For example, the colourful throwing of mustard on a navy-blue sofa creates some interest. Odd ones are also a must in modern day lounges. An armchair does not need to match the style, shape or colour of existing couch and lounge suits. You can get a pink patterned fabric armchair with a grey cushioned couch.

Carpets are great for any lounge. There is a reason that needs to be considered first. Not every colour of carpet is suitable for a lounge. You need to consider the colours of the floor, walls and surrounding furniture. This item must follow a certain colour pattern that is already in the room. Do not use two different types of wood. Keep the wooden colours to a maximum of two so you don’t overdo the theme of the house. One should be a sucker for wooden back chairs and the other wood should be for coffee tables and entertainment stands if you can’t find pieces that don’t match. The coffee table should be the part that matches the entertainment stand. This flow binds the house together and adds elegance to the environment. The coffee table may have a small decorative tablecloth and a vase of flowers for a domestic touch. The lounge is where you can have fun with different colours so play around with the furniture upholstery ideas. As an interior designer you must make sure that the client decor and lounge suite is intended to be used in your room.