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UHF vs Vhf radios

Radios that use UHF (ultra-high frequency) or VHF (very high frequency) are available. The fundamental difference is in the frequency range they use. Vhf radios have been around much longer and are quite cheap compared to UHF. Because of this, there is a lot of VHF radios present compared to UHF. This pairs with the fact that vhf has a much narrow spectrum and much fewer channels, which leads to congestion and a greater chance of interference than other radios in the region.

uhf handheld radio

A higher frequency of UHF

A higher frequency of UHF handheld radio translates directly into a much shorter antenna, allowing manufacturers to produce much more compact models. It is desirable as smaller models are more mobile and much less bulky to maneuver. Although both types of radios can reach long distances, vhf radios suffer from signal interference due to barriers in the landscape. These barriers can move in mountains, hills, trees, and even buildings. This reduces the wide range of vhf radios very much, especially in urban places. Uhf waves can penetrate these barriers much better and they are less affected. Uhf radios often tend to consume their batteries much faster than vhf due to their more frequent use. This can be bad for people, who are outside a charging station for extended periods. The wider uhf handheld radio frequency spectrum reduces the chance of interference from other users, which is very likely because of the large number of people in a relatively small area.

Two radios are good but there are certain situations where you may find one to be better than the others. In rural areas where there are very few buildings and even higher ones, you can settle for cheaper vhf radio. A smaller number of people in the area also reduces the chance of a disorder since there are fewer competing users. Uhf radio is the best option when you intend to use it within the city limits where you are surrounded by a lot of tall buildings and your signals are likely to pass through multiple walls. You can visit different websites and get more useful information about the UHF handheld radio.