The chiropractor holds a doctorate and is an expert in everything related to the anatomy, physiology, and dynamics of the spine in particular and the body in general. Consult only with a certified chiropractor registered with the Chiropractic Association.

 What does the chiropractor do?

What the chiropractor does is called a chiropractic direction. In chiropractor singapore promotion centers the chiropractic direction is specific and is described as a push or rapid movement of the vertebra by hand or by special equipment. The goal of the chiropractic direction is to correct subluxations and remove the disorder from the nervous system in the body. This action of moving the vertebra or motor unit (two vertebrae connected) does several things together:

  • Returns movement to fixed or locked vertebrae.
  • Removes pressure from the nerves.
  • Restores flexibility to the connecting straps.
  • Improves muscle movement and flexibility.
  • Balances muscle tone.
  • Stress removal allows normal neural communication.

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Does the chiropractic direction hurt?

No. Sensitivity and pain can develop in the patient due to neglect of the spine and the formation of degenerative and chronic processes in the spine and surrounding tissues. The chiropractic direction feels wonderful. Patients are always told about the anticipation before treatment and the sense of calm and relief after. When you let the vertebrae in your spine return to their proper place, you will notice much less tension.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

Yes. Statistics prove that chiropractic care is one of the safest in a variety of healthcare services in the world. To check safety, it is necessary to compare the premiums paid for medical malpractice insurance by chiropractors to those paid by doctors in the various medical professions.

 Does a person treated in chiropractic have to do this all his life?

No. How much you choose to profit from chiropractic care is entirely up to you. Each of us is solely responsible for our own health and quality of life. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that chiropractic as a healthy lifestyle and chiropractic direction and body maintenance as a means of contraception. This is the long-term benefit that patients really enjoy. Chiropractic treatments maintain the health of the body and the nervous system that drives us. We need to stay free from subluxation throughout our lives.

 Why should you continue chiropractic care even when you have no symptoms?

When symptoms disappear, it does not mean that the subluxation is completely corrected. From birth trauma, slips, falls, accidents, and other stresses during life adversely affect spinal health. The longer we wait for an examination of the spine by a chiropractor, the longer it takes to correct the subluxation. However, how you choose to use chiropractic is up to you.