A mental health condition called ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can lead to behavioral hyperactivity. People who have this condition may find it difficult to focus on one task or sit still for extended periods. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is how ADHD is referred to in English. In such situations, where there is a culture of stress or a propensity to place more value on children’s academics, the problem of ADHD is more prevalent. The issue of ADHD is most frequently observed in young children (pre-school or KG). Early adolescence may see a worsening of the illness in certain youngsters. Adults occasionally struggle with this issue as well. You can look into some effective adhd treatment singapore.

Symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Males suffer more than a female, however, when the child starts having attention issues in the first few years of school, this issue is diagnosed. Some kids with ADHD may also exhibit behavioral issues. In some cases, it becomes exceedingly challenging for the parents to care for or educate such children. Even in school, some kids struggle to blend in with other kids and continue to cause trouble.

The signs of ADHD consist of:

  • Ignoring things
  • Overactivity Dissatisfaction
  • Remembering things imperfectly
  • Being extremely chatty
  • A habit of daydreaming

Causes of ADHD include:

  • ADHD is a condition that frequently runs in families due to heredity.
  • A change of mind, The part of the brain responsible for attention is less active in kids with ADHD.
  • If you didn’t pay attention while you were pregnant, poor nutrition throughout pregnancy may also be to blame. As a result, medical professionals advise against using drugs, smoking, and alcohol as well as staying away from environmental contaminants.
  • Trauma to the brain, problems with impulse control, and mood regulation can result from damage to the frontal lobe of the brain.

How to handle children suffering from ADHD

By praising or rewarding a child’s good deeds, you can influence their behavior in a positive way. You should also motivate them to continue their good deeds and break bad habits.

If the youngster appears to be getting angry, pay close attention to him and keep him occupied with some other play or interesting activity.

It will be simpler for the youngster to interact with friends if you invite them around, but you must watch out that he or she doesn’t lose control and get into mischief.

Allowing your child to sleep soundly will reduce the likelihood of them becoming enraged at things.

What to do if the child suffering from ADHD?

Ask your doctor about an assessment if you think your child may have ADHD. You can also speak with a counsellor at your child’s school about your child. Schools regularly look for children’s issues that could harm their academic success.

Inform your doctor or counsellor about your child’s behavior for evaluation. They may recommend an ADHD specialist to you or your child if they have a suspicion of ADHD. They might also advise consulting a neurologist or psychiatrist, depending on the diagnosis.