Sending flowers to your loved ones is a lovely way to express your feelings. Specially now, during the pandemic, a gesture such as this can always help your loved ones feel special and thought of. But if sending a simple bouquet does not suit your style, perhaps, you help yourself to some of these suggestions that we have curated for you, and amp up your florist gifts.


One of the easiest and most effective additions to your pretty bouquet can be that of a box of chocolates. Chocolate is a universally loved sweet treat and helps release dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin in our brains – all mood boosters. If you are sending a special florist gifts to your PMS-ing girlfriend, you might want to consider sending two boxes.

A Note

A handwritten note could add a lovely personal touch to your gift. A hidden card between pretty flowers with a message from the sender is an old-school trick to make the receiver smile. You can even add multiple little notes hidden amongst the flowers to make it a more personal addition

Custom The Bouquet

If you are aware of the likes and dislikes of the person, you can always pick their favourite flowers and colours and make a more appealing gift. Adding uncommon flowers such as orchids and double dahlias can instantly help increase the volume of the arrangement, and also make it brighter, more colourful.

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Consult The Florist

All flowers have their messages already written out; consult the online florist before you decide on the florist gifts. Tell them about the occasion, relation and message that you are hoping to convey and they will assort the perfect unique arrangement for you to send. They will also help you pick the most fresh and heavenly smelling flowers so that the receiver is instantly showered with love as they open the door.

Show Up

Perhaps the thing that would make your florist gifts most special would be to deliver them yourself. What can be better than pretty flowers showing up at their doorstep? Well, you are showing up with them.

So if you are ready to send flowers to your loved ones, make sure you add a bit of oomph to the bouquet and make your floral gifts more special. Pick them with love, and of course, don’t forget to sign your name.