Toner is the most heard word from people who are more concentrated about their skincare routines. It has been a long time since these toners were introduced to the market but till date many of us don’t know what toner actually is or what a toner does to our skin. Today in this article we will see answers to all those questions and how to use a Natural Toner for Dry skin.

But first let us know what Toner is?

To lay it out plainly, toner seems as though water and acts like water. Yet, I swear it’s not water. It’s loaded with chemicals hydrogen and oxygen. Based on the toner, it likewise can contain acids, cell reinforcements, glycerin, and is hostile to inflammatory.

When to use It.?

The short answer is “it goes after cleansing,” Remember to use toner for both your day and night healthy skin schedules. To get more explicit, you should apply toner after you two fold purify and peel your skin.

Goodness no doubt and you should utilize a toner no later than a moment subsequent to cleansing. I realize that sounds insane, however it genuinely makes a difference. Most atoms enter the skin better when it is wet, so applying dynamic fixings following purifying conveys better outcomes..

In the wake of applying toner, you can continue with applying your treatment-centered items like serums, SPF, and eye cream.

Directions to use:

You can use toner twice in a day as per your time schedules. The best time would be in the morning i.e, before you start your day and night before you go to sleep. You can take a little amount of toner on your fingers and start tapping it on your skin delicately. You don’t need to wash the toner, it can seep deep down into your skin to produce nourishment.  Keep tapping or massaging it on your skin for a period of 2-3 minutes.

Advantages of using a Skin Toner:

  • It repairs and strengthen your skin
  • It balances your skin pH level
  • It locks in moisture
  • It reduces your skin inflammation
  • Toner makes your dry skin slurp and adds nourishment to it.
  • It helps in shrinking and tightening your skin pores.
  • Toner also reduces wrinkles, acne and scars related problems on your skin.

We all would have got this doubt at some or the other point, That can we leave toner on our face overnight..??

Here is the answer, it is completely fine to leave toner on your face overnight, but in case your skin feels any irritation, rash or burning, you can clean it right away with no second thought. So Hope you find this article to help you in finding a Natural Toner for Dry skin.