A space that is ordinary and not being utilized to the fullest can be transformed innovatively to enhance its functionality and make it look good. Designers change the way a particular space like home and office looks,to something that meets their client’s expectations and requirement. Interior Design is the science of making the inside of a space aesthetically pleasing. An interior designer as it implies is someone who is certified in taking up such projects.

Interior designing is basically conception and execution of a design that the designers come up with to make the space look and feel interesting. In the past interior designing was not such a thing that it is today. It would come as a part and parcel of the whole building process. However today we have firms that work on interiors. Boutique Interior Design firm Singapore is a state of the art innovative design firm that has the expertise and skills to design beautiful home and office spaces.


Architect Owen Jones is the father of Interior designing. In the nineteenth century he had achieved major milestones in interior designing. Later he also published a book that is called The grammar of ornament in which he has emphasized on the thirsty seven key principles of interior designing.

The manufacturers and retailers had a monopoly on interior designing until it emerged as a separate profession.

In the nineteenth century , the middle class started to flourish as an outcome of industrialization. They started aspiring for better living. Initially large furniture firms would furnish the entire house in different styles. However by twentieth century the business model of designing was developed and the Interior designing profession emerged.

Making any given space appeal to the senses is the job of an interior designer. From choosing the right furniture to painting walls is all part of interior designing. Painting walls has been into existence for more than five thousand years. It has continued to inspire the interior designers of all ages.

Interior designing

Modern Interior Designing

The contemporary style of interior designing is an outcome of the development of the society. Modern interior designing is all about space utilization and functionality.

To become an interior designer, people would work under someone who was a professional and get some training. However, today this kind of informal training alone is not enough. You need to get certified as a professional interior designer from a formal art school, a design school or a university.


Formal education to become a professional interior designer from an accredited university or a school gives you enough scope in having a full fledged career in interior  designing. It gives you the minimum qualification to meet the basic standards of excellence in designing.

There are graduate, post graduate and PhD programs available in universities that will help you take up the profession of teaching interior designing at schools and colleges.

The interior designing profession has evolved over the years. There are a variety of employment opportunities for interior designers today. Interior designing was considered secondary to architecture previously. However, interior designing has established itself. It has evolved as a profession. So if interior designing has been your dream, pursue your passion!