Better a custom kitchen or an industrial kitchen ? Is it better to focus on practicality and solidity or on originality and design? The choice of the kitchen has always been one of the most important aspects to face when starting an adventure in a new home industrial kitchen.

Choosing an industrial / modular production kitchen certainly offers advantages, first of all the lower costs and the possibility of having what you want in a relatively faster time. But is it always like this? And what are the inconveniences that can be encountered? Let’s analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both categories of cuisine industrial kitchen design.

What are the strengths of a modular kitchen?

The main reason why you usually choose an industrial kitchen is certainly cheap . And we know that the price nowadays matters a lot. Not only that: relying on large producers or international chains often involves advantages in terms of speed of choice and delivery: you go to the department store closest to home, choose from the numerous possibilities available, and within a few weeks, without no design costs, the kitchen is already assembled at home. Relatively easy, fast, inexpensive.


This is due to the strong competition in the furniture sector, which pushes large companies to create models with ever cheaper materials , and always standardized design and color choices. To “push” its brand, the company often makes use of the collaboration of internationally famous architects and designers, commissioning them to create captivating and trendy models, which are then reproduced on a large scale.

The focus is heavily on the “modularity / modularity” of the kitchen, and this entails the possibility of being able to sell online, or through expertly illustrated paper catalogs, without forgetting the showrooms with the models assembled and observable directly.

What are the weaknesses of a modular kitchen?

First of all, the management of spaces : relying on industrial production almost certainly involves a non-optimization of the space available. Therefore, in the face of a probable saving in terms of costs and time, you will have to be patient for that useless space next to the refrigerator, and you will have to turn a blind eye if you had to saw that shelf to make it fit everything you had to saw and now it is not long. like the one on the side. Not to mention the slightly crooked bottom of the shelf, and some dull corners due to a fall while you mounted it.