Before contacting a specific injury law firm, do a little research on the firm and its attorneys. You can get the state bar association to find out how many complaints and grievances have been filed against an injury law firm, as well as attorneys working for that firm. Of course, there will be several complaints against any lawyer practicing law for any length of time. It is natural and expected due to the nature of your business. However, if you see an ongoing picture and a large number of complaints filed against a particular returning firm, this could be a sign that you should do more research or find another lawyer.

Lawyers working for injury law firms receive more clients from road traffic accidents

Any car accident, other than a simple car accident, often results in hiring an injury lawyer by one or both parties involved in the collision. These injury lawyers are experienced and capable of defending individuals’ rights and ensuring that they receive adequate compensation for their medical expenses and any future pain and suffering that may arise from their injuries. If you do not need to seek medical attention after a car accident, and the doctor did not see you, this is probably unnecessary and should not be pursued by an ARASH LAW lawyer. Without a medical record, the chances of winning a future settlement due to a car accident are slim.

If medical assistance is provided after the accident, some form of responsibility may likely be assigned to one of the parties involved. Nowadays, it is essential to contact an injury law firm as soon as possible to take proper action and that the injured party is properly represented when it comes to the other party and their insurance company. The insurance companies involved want to pay the minimum amount of compensation due to property loss or medical benefits.

When choosing a ARASH LAW injury firm, be sure to do a little research about the firm and the lawyers it hires before signing your name on any contract. Just call or visit your state bar association and ask about any lawsuits or complaints that have been filed against the law firm and the lawyers it hires. Of course, every firm and lawyer who has been in business for a certain period will have a series of complaints related to their business nature.


Getting an injury law firm to represent you after your injury guarantees your protection and adequate compensation in the event of the accident.