A person needs some things in life without which one cannot live like air, food, water, clothes and shelter. Having all these is very important for survival pf any individual. One cannot live without these no matter where one lives. These are surely the main things required to live but shelter is not just a roof over one’s head. Shelter means to have a place of one’s own. It means a place that one can call their own. A place where one feels like themselves and can call the place their home.

One can go to million places in life. One can move to a different place to study and live there for three to four years. One can live there in a hostel or as a pg can stay in someplace but one cannot feel at home there. One can move to a different city or different country for work. One can live there for many years and live there in a place but still may not call it their home. Home is not just a shelter or any place where one can live or a place where one stays for many years. A home is a place where one feels at ease and can relax and be themselves. Home is not just a place it is a place that gives some kind of feeling that makes it feel like home. Home is important for all people. Different people may be having different importance of home in their life.

Parts of home

Home can become home only when it has some of the basics such as

  • Bedrooms to stay
  • Bathrooms
  • Living area
  • Kitchen or cooking area
  • Toilets
  • Garden or lawn
  • Terrace or deck
  • Balcony or front area
  • Dining room
  • Playroom or guest room

These are some of the places that have to be there in place to make it a place where one can live and call it their home. Each of these areas or rooms has its roles. Each is needed in a home. Different areas and rooms have different uses. Some rooms can be modified like a game room may be needed in some homes while instead of a game room some homes may need a study room. The rooms and areas can be made according to the preferences of the people that will be living in the home. The toilet is needed in any home. One can get the best toilet bowl Singapore for their toilets to enhance the appearance of their toilets.