Parents of children with poor development and learning ability now need not worry about their education. Certain schools are completely different from the mainstream education system available for regular students. These schools have trained staff especially for children with mental and physical disabilities special education singapore is promoting education to a special child is also important.

About school and special education

Education can be provided easily for normal children but for those special children who have disabilities, specifically trained staff can only deal with them. For the staff to join in these types of schools they have to perceive a minimum a level certificate or diploma or equivalent certificate. The classroom size also very small comprises of 12- 15 students. The staff teaches every student with utmost care and affection. Special child includes the children with mental and physical disabilities who can’t do their work on their own. These children should not be neglected by the parents and should be treated equally along with normal children. The main motto of this school is to provide quality and fruitful education to the special child those who are generally neglected by society. Some children can’t do their work on their own because of the disability they have, so the school management cares in this aspect and they provide special persons to look after their safety and maintenance.

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Modes of teaching to a special child:

They can be taught in different ways,not in the regular ways that teach to normal children. The teaching modes will be different for the special child like they can be taught logically socially and solitarily. The visual mode of teaching will help the child to learn more than the regular reading manner. The entire curriculum should be different to teach a special child. The subject should be taught easily as they don’t have that much intellectual ability to understand the complex pattern. The parents and staff should be very kind towards the special child and they have to teach them with patience. Special training centres are available for those who teach a special child. Proper training and experience are compulsory for those who teach them. The study pattern should be in an easy way to teach them so that the child will not hesitate to come to the school. The parents play a key role in the education of the special child as they have to encourage them to study. The school management should give an assurance that the education provided in their school will enhance the mental and behavioural ability.