Biology is the study of living organisms. It has various concepts of fields that various topics are subdivided from, like anatomy, physiology, morphology, origin, and distribution. Its science but in an organic way. Some are amazed by it since this is where dissection takes place and some lack the interest in doing it. Not all people will find biology interesting and something that they would want to learn.

Every learner or student has their Achilles heel and biology can be one of them. This can potentially result in low performance and bad scores. But, all’s not lost since there is a way to get learners to have better grades in biology and even love it. Sometimes it needs two things, additional study time and a different teaching approach and that is where tutors come into the picture. There are private teachers hired by parents or institutions to hold small classes and teach various subjects in a different approach. At home, it’s a very personal approach to learning. Below are a few points on why you should get a tutor.

Low performance doesn’t mean low IQ: The fact is that most Asian countries are focused on academics and study becomes a norm. Thus it’s easy to dismiss sometimes that if a student struggles in various subjects, biology included has low IQ. But the fact is that further root cause analysis or further investigation will prove otherwise. Because there are various reasons why a student performs low.

  • It can be because of personal problems
  • The teacher has an approach to teaching that students can’t cope
  • Struggled on a particular subject that never got clarified
  • Less time to study because he/she is focused on other things

biology tutor

A tutor has a different teaching approach: The best way to get those grades in biology is with a tutor and extended study hours. As mentioned, every kid has an Achilles heel in one subject or two and when that happens the student should have more time studying that subject. A tutor has the right skills and various approaches on how to teach a student from a group to an individual. There are various biology tutor services that are available today to cater to those needs. 

BIology needs a different mindset to understand: BIology requires a different mindset in order to understand. There are so many terminologies and things that don’t make sense and a student is expected to understand it sometimes. If one asks “why?” It opens up a lot of questions and teachers handling a ton of students at the same time don’t want to entertain it to the fullest. As a result, students become lost and they don’t know who to ask.

It’s unlikely that a student will have a very hard time with biology, but it does happen since not all children are the same, and in Asia where academics is everything, and low performance in any discipline will easily be dismissed as a low IQ when in fact it’s not. If your kid is having some challenges with Biology, you need to reinforce his./her education with more study time and even a tutor. If you’re looking for an IGCSE biology tutor, visit the link.