The skin problem that begins due to lack of water and moisture in the body is called as dehydrated skin. This type of skin looks dull and rough. The skin complexion seems dark in which wrinkles and lines are noticeable. Dehydrated skin can be painful for your body. Although, it is easy to treat your skin with the correct lifestyle along with medication that helps in restoring the moisture in your skin and maintain it throughout the whole body. For medication, people have more trust in anti-wrinkle skincare products Singapore because their products are very effective. Dehydrated skin looks dry but in a different way. The causes of dehydrated skin are many. It may be due to our wrong lifestyle, unhealthy diet, exposure to your body before the sun for a long time, lack of drinking water, etc. This skin problem is not permanent. It can be healed after taking proper cure and treatment. Dehydrated skin is only a condition for the skin not a type of skin like dry sin. There is a big difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin that you should know. Dehydrated skin is due to lack of water while dry skin is due to lack of natural oils in the skin. Hormonal situations do not create dehydrated skin. The sign of dry skin differs from dehydrated skin. Rough skin, white flakes, redness, and irritation these are the sign of dry skin while dehydrated skin has different symptoms There are several symptoms with which you can find whether your skin is dehydrated or dry.

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  1. Itchiness: It is a big symptom of dehydrated skin. People who lived around the sea or beaches generally feel itching. This is due to the weather. Change in temperature takes out the moisture from your body which in result starts itching so that you need to scratch. Outer environment is one of the factors for dehydrated skin.
  2. Sensitivity increases: The sensitivity of skin refers to a feeling of irritation along with severe allergies on the skin. It is one of the biggest symptoms of dehydrated skin. For all sensitive skins, they have more percentage of chances to get affected with the outer environment. It happens when your moisture on the skin gets bounded it does not protect from the outer environment so that variant kinds of issues related to skin generate.
  3. Dull skin: A dehydrated skin looks rough and dull. This dullness is not common to dry skin while it seems like white spots in several places. Dehydration of the skin stops it to do several functions. It stops cell repairing function, stops seeing glowing skin, and so on.
  4. Wrinkles and fine lines: The biggest visible symptom of dehydrated skin is wrinkles and fine lines on the face.