The bitcoin is the digital currency which is transferred from one person to another person. The bitcoins are stored in a wallet called digital wallet where you can send or receive the coins or even can purchase the coins. To earn bitcoin, these days many of them are doing bitcoin mining. Many of the sites are created where you can purchase bitcoins for free as well as for the cash. Let’s discuss about the different sites where you get access to buy bitcoins.

The different and best sites to buy bitcoins


It is the largest and biggest platform of purchasing bitcoins. It provides both the wallet and exchange in one creating the easier location to begin with. It also supports Ethereum, Litecoin, and bitcoin cash. When you sign up and join to your bank account then you can simply transfer the funds in and out of your account. Then it is converted to bitcoin and back to the dollars. This thing has a wallet which is secured where you can store your bitcoins and send them to other or receive from other.

earn bitcoin

Cash app:

This is the best bitcoin app where you can purchase and sell the bitcoin without having any fees. It is already great for sending bitcoins to your family and friends. This is the application which comes from square which makes the readers of those mobile credit card. The bitcoin cash is present in the cash app account of square app to withdraw or selling.

Coin base pro:

This is the trading platform which is a serious one which look familiar to the one which uses terminals of Bloomberg or active stock, option trading platforms, and commodity. It charges some fees depending on the volume of trading. If you wish to try coin base pro however with higher volume this is the way to go.


This supports different digital currencies such as Ethereum and bitcoin. It has its personal binance coin. The charges of binance alters less fees at ten percent for trades. If your wish to go beyond that the most prominent cost then this option is the best one. The binance provides the choices to trade the coins into currencies which are multiple and supports various digital currencies incorporating skycoin, TRON, ICON, EOS, and Ethereum classic. This framework provides a currencies range at the cost which is low as there are some bugs reported with the app of android mobile. Some of the users consists of withdrawing delays with particular currencies.

Thus, these are some of the best sites which can offer you to purchase bitcoins.