The concept of human rights

Human rights have been a hot topic of discussion for a pretty long time. These are the codes and morals that define human behavior in society and offer various clauses to protect individual rights and identity. Starting from the living conditions to the working conditions, everything is defined under these rights and any violation of these can bring upon severe penal action. With intolerance and atrocities against various communities coming under the limelight in everyday newspapers, it has become very important for the civilians and especially for the youth to come together and fight against the violation of these. The further content discusses majorly upon bringing in the youth for human rights.

Why should youth be included?

To answer this question, yes it is very important to bring in youth for all kinds of human rights activism due to the following reasons:

Youth for human rights

  • The general youth are highly vociferous and know the tactics of raising their voices at the right platforms that are trending in the current times. Thus, such actions would be highly effective in bringing out the true results of these movements against the atrocities done.
  • The youth are more aware and enlightened of the current affairs when compared to the senior or younger groups. Having already reached the maturity phase, they can channel up the information into positive thinking and thus act efficiently in the activist movements aiming to bring the change.
  • The energy levels of the youth are very high and anything started by them does not die that easily. It is one of the prime concerns for which the need of youth for human rights has been getting emphasis.
  • It is the youth who can leverage technology into the right platforms to bring out the point that they are trying to focus upon in these activist movements.

These are the four primary reasons that justify the need for youth for human rights activism.

Choosing the platform

The most effective platform in the current situation is that of social media. The ongoing pandemic may have disrupted the public gatherings, but it has not dampened the youth spirit and the same can be fuelled up further by social media. Online petitions spread across emails or social networking websites, online videos and pictures that spread like fire on different sharing platforms are a few of the examples to show the real power of social media as a tool in bringing the change desired.

Along with this, now several dedicated websites for human rights activism are openly running on the web and the enthusiastic youth can join these to raise their voices on the platform. On a concluding note, it can be said that the voice of youth holds heavy importance in the human rights movements and all such initiatives should be encouraged.