Skip bins are also known as “dumpsters”. According to data gathered skip bins started in 1700 with beekeepers in Europe. During that time. Beekeepers use baskets made from straw. The term skip bin came from the Norse language “skeppa”. The old English “sceppe” means basket.

In the 1920s. Containers that resemble the coal miners skip appeared. This is in the Southpoint area in England. They use this as waste removal. The idea came when one of the employees of the truck manufacturing company gave a suggestion. That is by adding a detached box on the back of the utility vehicles. This is during a meeting with some of the Southpoint city engineers. They are the ones that presented a problem with collecting wastes.

Horse-drawn trash removal carts are not able to travel long distances. The trucks that hauled the bin would be more helpful in collecting and bringing trash. This will be from household waste to its local landfills. This invention then became known as the Pagefield System.

With that invention. More truck makers across the globe followed the same system. Some of these truck makers even add improvements to the mechanism. This is to help solve the problem of gathering trash in other progressing cities. The ones that invented and started manufacturing these trucks. Are the ones that also started skip bins for hire.

In the 1960s the property boom. Expanding communities help to come up with strategic waste management solutions. Skip bins are then made available for households and building waste clean up.

Why skip bins are the reliable to use in taking your trash

Until today. Skip bins are the most reliable and efficient method to remove volumes of trash. Skip bins will be able to manage many types of wastes. Including

Garden waste

These wastes are from landscaping. Such as Grass clipping, Hedges, Tree Stumps, Soil, and Sand.

Electronic and electrical waste

Electronic and electrical waste. This includes electrical appliances (like washing machines, fridges, televisions) computers, printers, fax machines, keyboards, mobile phones, and telephones.

General waste

General waste may include small glass, furniture, paper, plastic, and many more.

Best Skip Bin Companies in Sydney

Things that you are not able to put in a skip bin

Some hazardous materials to remember not putting in a skip bin.

  • Chemicals of any kind
  • Asbestos*
  • Old insulation
  • Fibro-Cement Sheeting
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Gas cylinders
  • Oil or gas heaters
  • Fibreglass Roof Sheeting
  • Food and liquids, including food packaging
  • Fibro (compressed or not)
  • Why skip bins are useful

Skip bins are convenient

Hiring skip bins Sydney will be the easiest and comfortable way in removing waste. Skip bin is being delivered kerbside. All you have to do is load your trash in it. Once the trash is already loaded the truck will then come and collect the skip. Nothing to worry about anything. Make sure that you look for the Best Skip Bin Companies in Sydney.

Skip bins are affordable

Skip bins are affordable to hire. The price range of a bin depends on what size you are hiring

Different sizes

Skip .bins come in different sizes. From a small household 2 cubic meter bins to huge industrial ones that size up to 20 cubic meters.

There is nothing to worry about what size to get. The skip bin company will be the one to provide a suggestion based on the description of the waste you want to skip,

Save time with skip bins

Skip bins are being delivered to each doorstep. This will save you time compared to trying to find a landfill or center for recycling your trash.