IELTS is known as one of the prestigious English language tests all around the world for non-native speakers. It is designed to provide the takers the essential skills, namely: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The ielts sample writing task is an outstanding means to prove one’s level of English. It is also an effective tool for perfecting communication proficiency. Plus, it helps you with immigration, once you go to an English speaking country. It is a great advantage that is hard to ignore.

The two key areas of the test

Now, the IELTS tests here focus on two main areas: writing and speaking. But, learners must understand that the IELTS test separated into two main types, namely:

  1. IELTS Academic. The tasks for the ielts test online learners that are going to perform is writing about the following:

Task 1:



Graph or table




All these tasks must be performed in your style.

IELTS Writing Tests

Task 2:

Writing an essay about the question being asked or giving a point of view. The responses must be written in a serious and formal style.

  1. IELTS General Training. The tasks are explained and performed below:

Task 1:

You are instructed to perform two different tasks: write a letter or explain a certain situation.

Task 2:

An essay is given.

Here, the learners will feel relaxed, and they are allowed to write through a semi-formal style.

The two IELTS tests correspond for the preparation for a professional English-speaking organization or university program for emigrating or working to an English speaking country. For the writing section, it is consists of two tasks with 20-40 minutes allotted time to each.

The important tips

Learners must be aware that the IELTS test is not merely a kind of test that you can sit down and take without learning from it. Here are the tips for the learners when planning to take the test:

  • Don’t take the major test when unprepared. So, you should not do this, unless you have taken the various free tests and test samples on some websites given by the British Council. You can take advantage of this chance to practice.
  • Manage your time. You must know how to manage your time, which will help with time management. You need to value practice. Enough practice gives you a great chance to complete the given tasks. You can schedule your answers corresponding to the time requirements. With this, you will have no problem solving the tasks and less pressured by the time limit during the test.
  • Be aware of errors. You need to use clear formatted paragraphs -never repeat the ideas. Pay attention to the punctuation, spelling, and grammar as you will be penalized with the errors.
  • Pay attention to the word count. In writing tests, word count is very important. So, make sure that you don’t write at least 150 words. You need to write the required word counts according to the requirement.